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THE Sculpture WEBSITE and THE Gardening WEBSITE are the top two directory websites for browsers searching for sculptures and sculptors on the web.

  • THE Sculpture WEBSITE receives over 1.25 million page views per annum and THE Gardening WEBSITE over 12 million page views.
  • Our software is directory software which means it is designed to work optimally across the search engines and the structure of THE Sculpture WEBSITE and THE Gardening WEBSITE is designed to work with search engines through content and the structure of categories and listings
  • We promote where sculptures can be viewed - at exhibitions, flower shows and in fabulous gardens across the country
  • We press pass major sculpture exhibitions and work with the National Trust and Members of the Historic Houses Association to promote sculpture exhibitions
  • As publishers we work with SEO companies and continuously monitor our Google Analytics to ensure we are as search engine friendly as possible and of course to monitor visitor numbers, page views and how key terms perform.


In the last 12 months THE Sculpture WEBSITE received 1.25 million page views - a quick headline analysis of our top 1,000 performing pages showed:

  • 344,151 pages of Sculptors pages on THE Sculpture WEBSITE were viewed
  • Animal Sculptures received 82,000 page views
  • Browsers searched for 123 different types of animal sculptures with hares being the top animal searched for followed closely by giraffes, deer, dogs, sheep, stags, sea and fish sculptures and whippets.
  • Bird Sculptures received 28,000 page views with herons topping the searches followed by owls and eagles.
  • Garden Sculpture received 127,772 page views

Browsers searching by medium searched for:
  • Wood sculptures 47,392 page views
  • Metal sculptures 56,108 page views - 8,469 specifically steel
  • Iron sculpture 5,211 page views
  • Glass sculptures 10,449 page views
  • Stone sculptures received 14,742 page views

  • There were 17,328 page views for abstract garden sculpture
  • Our top sculptor received 20,921 page views
  • 30,717 visitors were looking for details of Sculpture Exhibitions
  • 18,438 visitors were looking for sculptors by location
Visitor trends over the last 12 months on THE Sculpture WEBSITE:



In the last 12 months THE Gardening WEBSITE received 12 million page views:

355,636 visitors viewed pages on Sculpture and Garden Sculpture by subject and by medium
132,156 visitors viewed the pages of Sculptors

We monitor our top performing 2,000 pages

Visitor trends over the last 12 months on THE Gardening WEBSITE showing the typical seasonality for gardening.



Water Sculpture by Giles Rayner Castle Hill Devon


RHS Chelsea Flower Show Sculpture Exhibitors


Fresh Air Exibition


Sculpture at the Grove

We also showcase individual Sculptors:


David Harber


Hamish Mackie


Derek Kinzett


Humphrey Bowden


Neil Wilkin


Giles Rayner

There of course is no substitute for seeing Sculpture in fabulous settings but realistically, people do not always make decisions at sculpture exhibitions. It can be some time later that they make their decision to buy. We endeavour to ensure that browsers can quickly and easily find the sculptor or sculpture that they are looking for and of course act as prompt for people to browse our pages and decide where they can then view the pieces they want to buy.

We work 365 days a year on the web to promote Sculpture and even on Christmas Day last year received 4,740 visitors on THE Gardening WEBSITE and 1,568 visitors on THE Sculpture WEBSITE

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