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Tom Stogdon

Tom Stogdon
Address: 401 Workshops ,
401 Wandsworth Rd,
Postcode: SW82JP
Email: Please Click Here
Telephone: mob: 07798 625 647
Website: Please Click Here
Tom Stogdon was born in London in 1964.

Tom was born into a 4th generation of greengrocers in Dury lane Covent Garden.

His first experiments with sculpture were making lifesize people from fruit and vegetables.He works from a leaky studio in Vauxhall in London where he has been based for the several years;he trained in stone carving and letter cutting in the evenings at the City&Guilds London School of Art.

Although never having formally trained in sculpture, he is continually intrigued by shape,space,texture and movement.Some of his work challenges the perceived idea of acceptable use of materials.

He now works in several mediums including metal,stone,wood,leaves & other organic materials.

The pieces Tom makes either stand in or are inspired by the outdoors.

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