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Rock And Tools

Rock And Tools
Address: Rock & Tools
C/ Gran Bretaña 12-13 P.I. Ciudad transporte
12006 Castellón
Email: Please Click Here
Telephone: +34 650 940 812 - Spain
Website: Please Click Here

Find them now on Rock&Tools, a family business established  over 25 years. We have been selecting the best tools of the market, all made in Europe, since 1985, and so we have a worldwide reputation thanks to our customer care service and the quality of our tools. Recently launched a social network devoted to stone sculptors, come and join us!

We are a family business based in Spain but selling worldwide, dealing with stone tools since 1986. We love what we do, and we offer all our expertise to our customers, helping them achieve all their potential thanks to the best tools of the market. In Rock&Tools you will find hand, pneumatic and diamond tools made of the best materials: carbide and hardened steel. Among our tools: crandall hammer, chisels, pints, pneumatic pens and hammers, diamond bits and many many more!

As we love art in all its forms,  we have created a social network about stone sculpture where you can create and publish your online art gallery for free and share it with the rest of the world.

Rock&Tools - High quality stone carving tools made in Europe






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