RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show - 3rd July to 8th July 2018

. Sculptors you can you expect to see this year at Hampton Court: Fountain Design by Humphrey Bowden - Fountain Designer and Maker

The first new fountain design this year was inspired by the idea of a sheaf of oats, suggested  by an eminent garden designer.  I have based the design on wild oats, because the spikelet heads on each stem have elegant long ears.
The fountain takes the form of a bound sheaf of many oat stems with one or more heads curving over. Each spikelet head emits a fine stream of water from its long ear. The many fine laminar water streams form an ourwards curving shape, complementing  the shape of the oat sheaf. These streams will show up brightly in sunlight  or lateral illumination.
The first version of this fountain design to be made is approximately 1.4m high. Initial photographs show the fountain before it has been installed in water. The full visual effect  and sound will be appreciated when the fountain is installed in a water setting.


Hampton Court Show

We are exhibiting again at the Hampton Court Show this year. The layout of the showground is being modified this year. However we expect our stand to be in the same position as last year on the North bank of the Long Water by the Main Pontoon. We will have a number of working fountains on display, including my latest design - THE ABOVE IMAGE TO BE UPDATED AS SOON AS THE FOUNTAIN IS IN THE WATER - TO SEE DEVELOPMENTS CLICK HERE.
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Humphrey Bowden Copper Fountain Designer and Maker
Humphrey Bowden Copper Fountain Designer and Maker
Humphrey Bowden Fountain Designer and Maker Telephone 01798 344114 Email Humphrey Bowden is a designer and maker of unusual sculptural fountains and water...
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