Out of nature Sculpture Exhibition 3rd to 25th October 2015

On October 3rd 2015,  “Out Of Nature” will present its 2nd exhibition.

Opening Dates & Times

October 3rd - 25th 2015

Open from 10.30am - 5.30pm

At Newport House,
Almeley, Herefordshire, HR3 6LL


Admission £5, Children Free

Over 40 artists and 300 pieces set across the beautiful formal gardens of Newport House, and its newly restored 2 ½ acre kitchen garden.


All to celebrate our link with Nature. To remind ourselves that in spite of a modern lifestyle that often treats Nature as irrelevant we are actually creatures of it, and can find connection to the Universe and to Nature’s rhythms, and healing, through simple activities, provided we’re out there, and in it.

The theme resonates with The Cart Shed’s philosophy: transforming lives by engaging people with mental health issues through coppicing and green wood craft in a woodland setting.

Profits from “Out Of Nature” will be used to support The Cart Shed’s work, with the sculpture show acting as a platform to highlight how effective this therapeutic activity  is.

Being active and outdoors is cheap and easily accessible to most people, and the health benefits are increasingly recognised.  To be surrounded by trees in a safe environment confers feelings of peace, contentment, enhancing self esteem, and can encourage a real sense of belonging and purpose.

“Out Of Nature” celebrates Nature and supports The Cart Shed, but the pieces presented also constitute one of the most ambitious shows in the country in scale, as well as quality and creativity.

“Out Of Nature” will be open daily from October 3-25 from 10.30am to 5.30pm

Entrance £5, children free.

Check for talks and workshops, also for local restaurants and B&Bs.

All works are for sale (profits from the 20% commission, ticket sales and other sales at “Out Of Nature” will go to The Cart Shed to support its ongoing work).

For further information on the exhibition please contact

Jenny Daneels Watt 07917 740200

Bronte Woodruff 07972 138088

For more information on the work of The Cart Shed contact




Information on Artists:

Artists include Heather Jansch (Devon) with her spirited life size Arab horses cast in bronze from drift wood; Charlotte Mayer and her deeply spiritual pieces; Anthony Turner (Devon) and his celebration of all things pod and seed; Sally Matthews (Powys) will present a larger than life Herefordshire bull; artist in residence Rolf Hook from Germany has uncovered some interesting shapes from huge pieces of yew that may be over 1000 years old; Paul Caton (Herefordshire) is busy carving an abstract shape from a huge piece of oak from Newport House, and Ant Beetlestone (Forest of Dean) will see what animal he can find in a large piece of wellingtonia (he carved very life-like bears two years ago).

Jean-Patrice Oulmont will drive up from the Pyrenees again to show more of the powerful bronze casts of carved wood that were so well received two years ago; Jon Edgar will throw the clay portrait of a local “guardian of the soil” as well as carve a large piece of lime from Newport House during his 10 day residence in early October.

Local established sculptors Mark Richards (Herefordshire) and Jemma Pearson (Shropshire) will set aside their large bronze commissions to contribute their own personal response to the theme of Out Of Nature; sculptor/explorer/tree surgeon Glenn Morris  (Powys) has already delivered a piece on which he spent 400 hours, a tribute to the High Brown Fritillary, a butterfly that is threatened  with extinction (Glenn will share  his experience of climate change and how he reacts to it in his sculpture during a talk on the Arctic on October 3rd); land artist Kate Raggett (Herefordshire) will finish installing a piece in situ the first day of the show on October 3rd.

But also Jonathan Loxley (Salisbury, marble), Kevin Blockley (Powys, marble), William Peers (Devon, marble and stone), Rachel Wood (Herefordshire, expressive animals), Matt Lane Sanderson (Herefordshire, steel), Joe Smith (Scotland, slate), Tania Moss (Herefordshire, various materials), Lottie O’Leary (Herefordshire, stone carving), Dominic Welch (Devon, stone), Paul Vanstone (London, stone), Sara Bamford (Herefordshire, steel), Antonia Spowers (Powys, various materials), James Connolly (Gloucestershire, odes to love and sensuality mainly in stone), Helen Sinclair (Swansea, bronze cast out of drift wood), Simon Probyn (Herefordshire, steel), Caro Burberry (Herefordshire, bronze and resin), Kim Francis (Stroud, stone), Julian Meredith (Herefordshire, works on death and decay), Jenny Pickford (Herefordshire, huge steel and glass flowers), Sue Hiley Harris (Powys, weaving), Chris Kampf (Somerset, steel ferns), Carole Beavis (Derbyshire, willow), Shaun Brosnan (South London, sheet lead), Andrew Roache (Gloucestershire, founder of the established Showborough House sculpture show and a sculptor of animals in his own right), Rachel Carter (Derbyshire, paper), Aragorn Dick-Read (British Virgin Islands, large steel cubes and spheres), Ed Elliott (Herefordshire, wood) and students from the Hereford College of Art are working on a project using recycled material.
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Out Of Nature Sculpture Exhibition 3rd To 25th October 2015
Out Of Nature Sculpture Exhibition 3rd To 25th October 2015
On October 3rd 2015,  “Out Of Nature” will present its 2nd exhibition. Opening Dates & Times October 3rd - 25th 2015 Open from 10.30am - 5.30pm At Newport House,...
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