Out of Nature 1st to 22nd October 2017

On October 1-22 2017, the gardens at Newport House on the Welsh borders open to the public and “Out Of Nature” presents its 3rd sculpture show.

Newport House, Almeley, Herefordshire HR3 6LL


With over 40 artists and 300 pieces from all over the UK, Out Of Nature is one of the largest sculpture shows in the country in scale and in quality of artists represented.

It was created in 2013 to celebrate our link with nature and to invite everyone to let themselves be awed and bewitched by the beauty of autumn colours in the formal gardens and the walled vegetable gardens of Newport House, resonating with the magic of sculptures of all sizes, shapes and materials.

Central to the show is The Cart Shed, a charity that works with people with mental health issues (such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, bi-polar disorder…) through coppicing and green wood craft. The Cart Shed will be present throughout the show with staff and volunteers happy to demonstrate activities and share its experiences.

All profits from the show are donated to The Cart Shed.

September 30: (11am – 5pm): Preview
 - includes food and drinks, meet the artists, performances -
Donation of £25 to The Cart Shed

October 1-22 : “Out Of Nature”  is open daily from 10.30am to 5.30pm
Entrance £5, children and students free. Food made from produce from the organic kitchen garden served all day, as well as drinks.

October 6, 5pm: The Cart Shed receives the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service  (the MBE for voluntary groups) from Herefordshire Lord Lieutenant Lady Darnley
The press is warmly invited to visit the show before, and attend the event.

Buggy rides available for people with mobility issues.

Check for talks and workshops.

All works are for sale (Profits from the 20% commission, ticket sales and other sales at “Out Of Nature” go to The Cart Shed to support its ongoing work).


Also on facebook, instagram and Twitter: Out Of Nature

For further information on the exhibition and The Cart Shed please contact:
Jenny Daneels Watt 07917 740200

Bronte Woodruff 07972 138088

Information on Artists:

All the artists taking part in the show engage with the theme of our link with Nature, and are keen to support The Cart Shed.

Some make pieces specifically for the show, some make pieces that anyway are a celebration of nature (such as Anthony Turner’s pods and fruit, or Dominic Welch’s geometrically mesmerizing aquatic or moon-like shapes). Some are a call out of grief in reaction to how Nature is being desecrated (such as Glenn Morris’ stone memorials to disappearing butterfly species, or Simon Meiklejohn’s soul wrenching constructs made from recycled metals).

•    Neil Ferber, Anthony Turner, Dominic Welch, Paul Vanstone are a few of the outstanding stone carvers bringing their pieces from as far as Cornwall and Brighton
•    Terence Coventry very sadly passed away in April, but had enthusiastically agreed to lend some of his pieces to the show when we spoke with him in December
•    Established land artist Richard Harris will build a couple of his trademark architectural pieces on the grounds at Newport House, while land artist Kate Raggett will create a large drawing made out of apples.

List of artists:

Mike Abbott, Anita Bigsby, Kevin Blockley, Shaun Brosnan, Caro Burberry, Caitriona Cartwright, Halima Cassell, Terence Coventry, Aragorn Dick-Read, Jon Edgar, Karen Edwards, Ed Elliot, Neil Ferber, Kim Francis, Richard Harris, Hereford College of Arts students, Sue Hiley-Harris, Julia Hilton, Rolf Hook, Gudrun Leitz, Jonathan Loxley, Matthew Lloyd, Sally Matthews, Simon Meikeljohn, Glenn Morris, Tania Mosse, Lottie O’Leary, Clare Parry Jones, Kate Raggett, Tim Rawlins, Mark Richards, Kate Risdale, Andrew Roache, Sarah Smith, Antonia Spowers, Mark Stonestreet, Almuth Tebenhoff, Anthony Turner, Christian Vaughan Jones, Paul Vanstone, Dominic Welch, Rachel Wood

Story ideas:

 ·      Sculpture as a way to lead people outdoors and enjoy the magic of texture, colour and shape: sculpture is accessible to everyone, not just the art connoisseur.

·      The Cart Shed: a charity which helps people process painful experiences and emotions – the story of Steve Bourke, army veteran with PTSD who is now a volunteer at the Cart Shed and making a piece for the show.

·      Newport House: a book on Newport House and its occupants throughout history will be published in time for the opening of the show. It is written by Kate Felu?, author of  the critically acclaimed “the secret life of the Georgian garden”, published in 2016.
Kate will talk on Oct 7th and 8th.

 ·      Oct 14-15: workshops and talks during Out Of Nature to mark the 40th anniversary of the hurricane in 1987 that destroyed many trees, and which sparked a renewal in green wood craft, as well as in researching historical gardens

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Out Of Nature 1st To 22nd October 2017
Out Of Nature 1st To 22nd October 2017
On October 1-22 2017, the gardens at Newport House on the Welsh borders open to the public and “Out Of Nature” presents its 3rd sculpture show. Newport House, Almeley,...
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