Michael Turner Stainless Steel Sculpture

Michael Turner Stainless Steel Sculpture
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Capturing the beauty of nature in unique sculptures

Michael Turner has recently turned 40. Since leaving school, the development of his creative and artistic skills, has led to recognition both within the UK and internationally.

During his formative years, his talent became apparent. He had an innate understanding and ability to capture the form and beauty of nature by creating bugs and insects, created simply from the most basic of materials including nuts, bolts and sheet metal found in his fathers’ garage.

Michael in front of Horse

After the success of the first Arabian Horse I felt confident to push myself even further. This was much more of a design challenge as it was purely cantilevered and needed a great amount of structural calculation. Much of the structure is hidden within the base of the horse’.

In 2014 Michael was invited to display the Stainless Steel Leaping Horse garden sculpture on the Gold Medal Winning Horticulturists ‘Heucheraholics’ stand at the Prestigious RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

This garden sculpture is the perfect addition to any large manicured lawn.  The horses stands at life size, approximately 2 meters from floor to head. The material is High Marine garden stainless steel, and will withstand most weather elements.

This particular horse has been sold, however, if you would like a private commission of this piece or similar, please feel free to contact Michael through the contact form, thank you.

From these early beginnings, Michael’s parents became aware that with his obvious creativity and flair, he needed to be professionally trained, supported and nurtured within the education system.

After finishing school in 1992, Michael chose to go to Bournemouth Art College and then finally onto Higher Wycombe University, where he graduated with honours, which was the start of a promising career in the art world.

From the depths of the New Forest

Michael established his first workshop in the green depths of the New Forest at the age of 22. He started to realise his true potential and decided to work in stainless steel, and in particular delighted in the use of recycled materials.

He knew that the material would be perfect for outdoor garden sculptures withstanding the hazards of the outdoor environment. Through nature and its various forms, Michael was inspired. At first, Michael created small insects, fish and dragonflies which kept him busy supplying several galleries around the country.

In 2010, Michael was introduced to a major gallery in London where his work took on a whole new dimension. He married and a son was born later in 2011. This gave Michael the impetus and inspiration to create a full-sized Arabian Horse, which was sold through the Gallery. This was to be the start of a whole new era. He soon began to see his work reaching a global clientele who were both discerning and appreciative of great contemporary art.





Global recognition

Michael has sold to a number of famous people amongst them being Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey. Gordon became aware of Michael’s work and acquired a full sized Gorilla, which now resides at his flagship London Restaurant. Pieces like ‘Gorilla on a Crate’ and the ‘Crocodile on a Box’, have become signature pieces for the artist, and his work is increasingly being recognized globally as ‘a Michael Turner’.



The Cheetah depicts power, speed and agility.  Michael has really captured the movement in this piece, and enjoyed tackling this. ‘The challenge was to show the beauty of theses wild cats, whilst showing the full movement, whilst in hunter mode. I wanted to try and create the illusion that the Cheetah was ‘floating’ and not attached to anything, making the plinth not stand out too much’. Photography by Carrie Bugg Photography

The Cheetah was been sold to an overseas client

Should you be interested in a Private Commission, please feel free to contact Michael, thank you.


Golden Eagle

This stunning Golden Eagle garden sculpture, is breathtaking.  The golden Eagle combines Grace and elegance, with Power and Dominance.  This garden sculpture is perfect for any open grounds or indeed a stately foyer.

All of Michael Turner’s stainless steel garden sculptures are handcrafted and unique to each individual piece. Every sculpture created is made from high marine grade stainless steel that can withstand most weather elements.

If you would like to commission a piece similar to this, then please do contact Michael direct.


Great White Shark

The Great White Shark sculpture resting on a large plinth made out of locally sourced slate stone.  ‘I loved creating this awesome creature, he is so powerful and yet elegant. The Great White Shark is deemed one of the fiercest predators in our oceans, and I love the powerful representation it holds’.

If you would like a private commission of this piece or similar, please feel free to contact Michael through the contact form, thank you.


Iguana on Wood

This very handsome large iguana garden sculpture upon driftwood is a classic Michael Turner piece. Combining the wood with metal, the garden sculpture has real definition. This sculpture is suited to both the interior of your home or indeed as a garden sculpture.  All of Michaels work is made out of high grade marine steel, so is perfect for any environment.

The Sculpture has been commissioned by a private collector, for their home in the UK.

If you would like to commission a piece similar to this, you can get in touch with Michael through the contacts form.

This is just the start for the artist, who has already had another record-breaking year. Clients are investing in and enjoying more than ever a ‘Michael Turner sculpture’.

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