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Jankowski Weathervanes

When I left school at the age of 15, I went to learn all about building the frames for racing motor cycles.  Throughout my working life, I have worked with metals and I now work mainly in copper and brass, creating fountains, weathervanes, signs and other decorative  items for the garden

One of the first commissions I received was to produce two weathervanes for the Welsh Development Agency for their new building in Machynlleth, one with Welsh letters, one with English letters.  Below is a picture of the architect, the builder and the client and yours truly with the Welsh weathervane.


Not surprisingly, since I worked in industry, my family and I have always lived in Birmingham until a few years ago when we made the break and came to live in mid-Wales.  We now live in what must surely be one of the most beautiful places in the British Isles, if not the most beautiful place in the world!  In case you're wondering, that's one mile from Lake Vyrnwy in Montgomeryshire.

Living on the Berwyn mountains I get to see nature at its best and a lot of my work is inspired by what i see from the window of my workshop I particuraly enjoy the lines and shapes in the trees and attempt to add these to my work.

I also work with schools where the children teach me new ways of doing things, this is a great deal of fun.


Sian Bates and myself unveiling Brunhilda - August 2009

Individual Designs
We offer individual weathervane designs to suit pastimes, hobbies & interests, etc. There is a wide choice of letter styles and adornments.

Each piece is hand made and built to last; the spindles are made of stainless steel. All the vanes are secured to the spindles to prevent wind lift.

Mountings are of solid brass and can be made to suit individual requirements

stan_jankowski_bannerette_small.jpg stan_jankowski_cat&mouse_small.jpg stan_jankowski_liverbird.jpg 
stan_jankowski_red-dragon_small.jpg stan_jankowski_witch2.jpg stan_jankowski_new_dragon_small.jpg

I also hand make wall plaques and signs, water features and fountains, garden art,  hand crafted pendants and become involved in school art projects

CLICK HERE to see commissions for wall plaques and signs which include:


Copper Welsh Dragon- Made for the front of a new learning centre in Machynlleth
Spa Sign at Lake Vyrnwy Hotel - 3 foot x 2 foot slate with logo made in nickle silver 
Tall Ship - Tall ship wall plaque in copper
Hare carved in wood - One of my wood carvings.This hare was carved in sycamore cut localy
House Sign - Copper Pheasant & Lettering on slate 24X18 inches
Hare - Copper Hare wall plaque 2 feet long
Hare - In place above the fire
Farm Sign - Copper on Douglas Fir- 2 foot X 3 foot
Welsh Dragon Trophy - Copper & Brass on a Yew slab
The Wain House - Custom made Sign Copper and Brass on a Slate back
Welcome Wizard - A welcoming wizard pointing you in the right direction
Owl - Garden wall plaque hand made in copper on slate
Unicorn & Griffon - Brass & copper on slate
Shepherd & Collie - This was a present to a shepherd from his wife
Welsh Dragon - A familier subject in a different style
Moon - Man in the Moon copper on slate any size can be made to order
Welsh Dragon - A traditional Dragon on slate 10 x 8 inches can be made any size
White Horses - Comissioned for the gateway to a house
Welsh Dragon wall plaque - AM Mick Bates with a plaque for his office at the assembly
Horse Sign - Bespoke copper and brass sign
Alpaca sign - Brass framework with copper letters and alpaca
Dragon wall Plaque - Large dragon wall plaque
Peter Sitting - A bit of whimsy that I enjoyed making
Moon Mirror - Mirror in copper
House Sign - For a summerhouse in Germany made from Oak with copper letters

CLICK HERE to see example commissions in the garden gallery which include:

stan_jankowski_copperrose.jpg stan_jankowski_stiperstone_small2.jpg


Kinetic copper Lawn Ducks- Mother Duck and ducklings
Heart of the garden - Garden Sculpture, made in steel and blued 1.5 metres high
In The Garden pond - The fountains can be made in all sizes to suit any location
Lawn Ducks- Mother and duckling off down the garden to the river.Made in polished copper & laquered
Lake Vyrnwy Sculpture Park - Gateway to otherworlds  
Daffodils - Made for a sunny spot in the garden, see the light sparkle on them
Nest Box Polished copper nest boxes,
Leaping Copper Hare - 22 inches long on a stake that pushes into the ground. Made in polished copper
Bench in the Lake Vyrnwy Scuplture Park - A Dam View
dalek- Made in copper standing on a green wood base in the house or a brass spike for when he is in the garden
More Copper Daffodills - Copper Daffodills in a bunch
Copper Hare - Swell bodied copper lawn Hare
Oak Clock - Copper on Oak clock, with farm name and animals 2 feet square




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