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Arches Of Oman By Giles Rayner
Author: Robert Hale
The Arches of Oman is formed of two entwined polished stainless steel tusks that flow sinuously around one another, tantalisingly close to touching, connected by the flowing curtain of water that erupts from their inner surfaces. The sculpture reaches 12m in height above a 60m wide oval pool. From machined portals, water is jetted in programmed sequences from 77 jets to create the effects Giles sketched out on his first visit to Oman in 2014. These are an effect to mimic the veins of a leaf and a second effect to imply a stringed instrument.

This Gallery shows various stages in the Arches design, construction and installation in its permanent home in the private gardens outside The Royal Opera House Muscat, Oman.

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