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Faraway Finds
Faraway Finds
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African Metal Bird & Animal Sculptures for your Home & Garden

We have an extensive range of African metal bird and animal sculptures and wirework sculptures and offer secure on line transaction facilities. 


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Duck Metal Sculptures

Geese Metal Sculptures

Guinea Fowl Metal Sculptures

Heron Metal Sculptures

Pheasant Metal Sculptures

Stilt Metal Sculptures

Wirework Metal Sculptures

Elephant Metal Sculptures

Giraffe Metal Sculptures

Warthog & Pig Metal Sculptures

Hippo & Rhino Metal Sculptures

Monkey & Meerkat Metal Sculptures

Faraway Finds provides a very large range of garden sculptures and African wildlife art. We import a wide range of art as part of a reciprocal trade programme to assist and develop local art and crafts.

Purchasing direct from the indigenous artisans provides competitively-priced, hand-crafted African wildlife art from genuine sources. We specialise in different types of garden sculptures offering excellent quality and value. Many designs are available to add beauty and grace to any garden, landscape or interior design setting.

Typical styles include African birds and animals such as Stilts and Herons Hippos and Giraffes in addition to the ever popular Ducks, Chickens and Pheasants. We supply our metal sculptures to numerous outlets including garden centres, landscape design companies and galleries as well as selling Online.

About the Artwork

Our Bird art is mostly made from recycled steel. The steel is cleaned to remove it's outer covering and any inner residue. Hand tools are then used to cut and form each sheet into a convenient size. Each design is set out onto the metal before the component parts are cut out.

The parts are beaten into shape before being welded into position to develop the desired structure, some of the feathers are cut and lifted up and away from the body to form a more life-like appearance to each piece. In some instances additional texture is added during the welding process to further enhance the visual appeal. The thin legs and necks are made from metal rebar.

Once the excess metal and welding marks are removed, the birds are allowed to develop a natural patina, this is then locked in by double-dipping in a bath or painted with two protective coats of polyurethane varnish to create an exquisite work of art.

All of our animal sculptures are hand-crafted and it is the nature of the product that there may be some variation in colour, texture and finish, as well as slight irregularities. These are not considered faults and may indeed add to their character and overall appeal. Natural steel products may rust over time, although this will not affect their function.

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