CC Rustics - Jake Challenger Ornamental Iron Plant Supports

CC Rustics - Jake Challenger Ornamental Iron Plant Supports
Address: 42 Heron Street
Heron Cross
Postcode: ST43AS
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Telephone: 01785 664 197 or 01782 312 173 (workshop) or 07814 834 974 (Jake's mobile)
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CC Rustics is a small specialist workshop owned by metal craftsman, Jake Challenger, and is dedicated to  the creation of imposing and substantial pieces of garden artwork Obelisks, Globes, Pillars and ornamental plant supports.

Our designs are intended to show to best effect sweet peas, roses,  clematis,honeysuckle vines and other climbing plants.

Each of our range of structures is hand-crafted from solid steel bar which will rust and mature over time to a glorious  golden patina.

Now is the time to combine nature with art through the use of rusted steel supports designed for function and form to add height and year round interest in your garden.

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Here is a selection of our constantly evolving 'standard' designs. If none of these exactly suits your needs, please call us to discuss your requirements.

Click on pictures for details and prices

As all items are hand made individually they may vary slightly from the picture.

The Orb

The Orb is a steel framed obelisk garden sculpture on which sits a 5 1/2 inch steel ball.
In keeping with our tradition of solid and substantial structures, the Orb is made from heavy duty rusted bar which will last indefinitely and improve with ageing. Its strength makes it an ideal support for vigorous climbers and ramblers.
7 feet (2.1m) high - £230
8 feet (2.4m) high - £250
9 feet (2.8m) high - £270
Also available with a 24 carat gold leaf coated ball costing £20 extra.

The Sceptre 

The body of the structure is a cone of rusted steel bar.
The Sceptre can be used to support a variety of climbers such as clematis, honeysuckle, rose and sweetpeas. Alternatively it makes an interesting support for runner beans in the vegetable garden.
7 feet (2.1m) high - £200
8 feet (2.4m) high - £220
9 feet (2.8m) high - £240
The Thistle is a similar coned structure to the Sceptre, this time topped with an iron 'thistle' finial.
7 feet (2.1m) high - £200
8 feet (2.4m) high - £220
9 feet (2.8m) high - £240


The Globe

The Armillary Sphere is our best seller. This model consists pf a 2 feet (600mm) circumference sphere, with bands of steel and a smaller sphere with an arrow through it in the centre. It stands on a tapered steel stand.
The Armillary Globe makes an impact in any garden setting and looks especially good in a formal garden with box hedging.
6 feet (1.8m) high - £450

The Coronet 

These circular cages are ideal for supporting, or just framing, smaller plants such as floppy perennials and annuals. A lot more secure than canes and string, they are also much more attractive.
As with all our products, the Coronet is robustly constructed and will improve with weathering and time.
2 feet (600mm) high / 17 inch diameter - £55
3 feet (900mm) high / 20 inch diameter - £65
So called because the top is reminiscent of a bishop's headgear, although it has also been likened to a large and elegant birdcage! A classic structure which is exceptionally pleasing to the eye. Makes an ideal support up which a range of climbing plants can intertwine and bloom. Is also available with the same top as the sceptre.
7 feet (2.1m) high 4 uprights - £400
8 feet (2.8m) high 6 uprights - £500


The Rennie 

An attractive garden feature standing 7 feet tall. This imposing structure looks fantastic planted up or naked. Especially stunning in a winter garden when the sun illuminates through the coloured glass.
7 feet (2.1m) high - £500

The Roma 

Inspired by many trips to Italy and a love of their architecture, I wanted to create a Roman column in steel that would look striking in any garden.
The Roma can be used alone and is sturdy enough to support any type of climber. Use the Roma in pairs to support a pergola,or an arch or as an entrance to a garden.
A classic addition in any setting.
7 feet (2.1m) high - £550
Covered in foliage, this vine support could be mistaken for a tree.
Plant a vine and enjoy grapes from your own 'Vine Tree'.
Alternatively cover with scented roses, wisteria or Honeysuckle.
8' High ( Plus 2' in Ground )
6' 6" head clearance
5' 10" wide


Contact us

CC Rustics are based in Staffordshire. You can collect or we can deliver from our workshop at Stoke-on-Trent. Please phone first.

We can be reached by phone on 01785 664 197  or 01782 312 173  (workshop) or 07814 834 974  (Jake's mobile)

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