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Established over 40 years, Architectural Heritage has a worldwide reputation for providing Period and Fine Reproduction Garden Ornament and a personal service to discerning professional and private clients alike.

To complement the extensive inventory of Antique Garden Statuary, Fountains, Urns, Seats, Sundials etc, Architectural Heritage has developed a collection of Fine Reproduction Garden Ornament and Hand Carved Stone Chimneypieces; employing the talents of Master Craftsmen in the disciplines of stone and marble masonry, bronze and lead casting and age-patinated artificial stone, to recreate the very best of 18th and 19th Century design.
Architectural Heritage undertakes commissions to client specifications for Garden Ornament and Chimneypieces. Delivery and shipping worldwide can be arranged. The full inventory is on display in the galleries and grounds of Taddington Manor and available to view on our regularly updated website.  Please do contact us for further information or to receive our latest catalogues.


A pair of painted zinc statues of Hippomenes and Atalanta
Circa 1890
Stock Number: 11893/GSO
Height 135.00 cm [4 ft 5 ins]

Attributed to the Fiske Workshops New York.


A 17th century lowland lead putto
Circa 1680
Stock Number: 12602/GSO
Height 79.00 cm [2 ft 7 ins]
Attributed to the workshops of the Larson Family.
On carved limestone base.

Overall height including plinth 140 cm.


A set of three Taisho period (1912-1926) Japanese bronze cranes
Circa 1930
Stock Number: 13036/GSO
Height 90.00 cm [2 ft 11 ins]

The red-crowned Crane (Gurus Japonensis) is the second rarest crane in the world. In maturity the crane has snow white plumage with a patch of red skin on top of the head, which turns a bright, vivid red when the bird becomes excited or angry.

In Japan the Red-crowned Crane is known as the Tancho and in legend is believed to live for thousands of years, revered throughout the East as a symbol of peace, good fortune, longevity and fidelity.


A mid to late 19th century Japanese Cloisonné Bronze Censor
Circa 1880
Stock Number: /GSO
Height 73.00 cm [2 ft 5 ins]
Width 75.00 cm [2 ft 6 ins]

In the form of a Peacock with the head of a cockerel. The back cover perforated to let escape the incense that would have been burnt inside the cavity. The tail and wings are the most decorated with blue, white, red, green and yellow enamel filled recesses or cloisonné.
A similar example can be seen at Temple Newsam House, Leeds, England.


A Neapolitan verdigris bronze model of a young Satyr with the infant Dionysus
Circa 1910
Stock Number: 12327/GSO
Height 69.00 cm [2 ft 3 ins]
Width 34.00 cm [1 ft 1 ins]
Depth 20.00 cm [0 ft 8 ins]

After the marble original now in the Vatican museum.


A pair of impressive carved stone eagles
Circa 1890
Stock Number: 11598/GSO
Height 69.00 cm [2 ft 3 ins]
Width 122.00 cm [4 ft ]
Nawton Tower Park

Having wings outstretched, looking dexter and sinister the eagles poised for flight would have originally been from gate piers with both the eagles having the appropriate attributes of both sight and pride.


A verdigris bronze model of Dionysus
Circa 1910
Stock Number: 12326/GSO
Height 62.00 cm [2 ft ]

After original bronze excavated 1862 in Pompeii, sometimes also known as Narcissus due to his contemplative downward gaze.


The Winged Lead Putti Finials
Stock Number: Reproduction
Height 86.00 cm [2 ft 10 ins]
Width 61.00 cm [2 ft ]
£3,800.00 + VAT

A pair of winged lead Putti seated upon artificial stone spheres, after the 18th century originals.


'Rudolph' The Rusty Reindeer
Stock Number: Reproduction
Height 75.00 cm [2 ft 6 ins]
Width 71.00 cm [2 ft 4 ins]
£200.00 + VAT

Available singularly or as a herd!

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